Online HealthCare Enrollment Guide

Here you will find step-by-step directions to help you enroll for On-exchange Health Insurance Coverage.


In order to begin the process you will need to create a username with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois in addition to a username and account with This guide is designed to walk you through all the steps of the process. Below you will find the first steps in creating a Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois account.


Step 1.

Click on the ENROLL NOW link below.





Step 2. 

Fill out the required fields, then please click “Next”.


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Step 3.

This is where you select that you would like to apply for a premium credit that will can be applied to possibly lower your monthly premium. If your yearly income is lower than the allowed amount for your family size please press yes. If you select No, you will be automatically directed to the Blue Cross Blue Shield retail page.


slide 2 Onexchange question




Step 4.

To receive your official 2017 premium tax credit amount you will need to visit the Health Insurance Marketplace. Please click on “Get Your Official Tax Credit”. This will begin the process of creating an account with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois.


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Step 5.

If you don’t already have an account with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois (BCBSIL) you will need to select “Create an account”. If you do have a pre-existing account that you have access to please enter it now and more to step #6.


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After selecting “Create an account” you will be asked to create a username, provide an email, and password for your BCBSIL username (not your email password), as well a security question in case you forget your password.


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It is very important for you to write down and save both your username, email address associated with the account and the password. Having this information will be very useful for accessing your account and to make changes.



Step 6.

Once you create your account you will be prompted to create an account on the Health Insurance Marketplace. Also listed are other documents you may need to complete the process. Please click “Go to the Marketplace” to continue.


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Step 7.

You have now arrived at To create a Marketplace account please click on “CREATE A MARKETPLACE ACCOUNT”.

If you already have a username with please click on the “Log In” button and the click HERE to move to the next step.


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Step 8.

Select the state in which you are applying for coverage in.

create account 1


Then continue to fill in the remaining information. Please write down your username and password that you select. I will be important to remember these for the future. Also make sure you register with an email account that you have access to. Once Complete clink the “Create Account” button.


create account 2



Step 9.

Verify your account by opening the mail that was sent by and click “Verify my email address”.



Email confirm


Once your account is ready select “Continue to Login”


your account is ready




You have now successfully created an account and username for Next you will need to login and continue the premium credit application process.  Please click on the arrow above to continue enrolling.




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